Monday, May 14, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (May 2012)

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 This is our May addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people.  This particular atrocity involves a black male who barged into a white male's business and gunned down three innocent white people - as if he were shooting at nothing more than clay pigeons. One of the victims was widely regarded as one of the best ever Elvis impersonators. This cowardly and craven (and very likely racist)  atrocity is considered the worst crime of the 20 century in Orville, AL, and the memory of it is said to still haunt many of its residents.


Orrville, Ala, Dec. 12, 1998

                    Armed Robbery - Massacre

One of the world's best Elvis impersonators is gone…

A black male, Jeffrey J. Lee, 22,…barged into a pawnshop owned by a renowned Elvis impersonator. Immediately upon entering,  Lee shouted (grinning from ear to ear) "whats up mother- fuckers!" , then fired a shotgun blast at the pawnshop owner, mortally wounding him.  Lee then aimed his shotgun into the face of a white female and blew her face off, with part of that second blast hitting another white female. She played dead.  After this carnage, he went to the cash register and … discovered it was locked. Lee  left empty handed.  Two other black males were also arrested for being accomplices:  Andre Darren Lee, 19 (Jeffery's brother), Jerry Dewayne Johnson, 17 (cousin).

Innocent White Victims:
* Jimmy Ellis, 54
* Elaine Thompson, 44

* Helen King (shot but survived)

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  Jacksonville, Fl. Dec. 2, 1996

                     Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Murder

Cherie Morrisette, an 11-year- girl, went missing on Dec. 2, 1996. The crime was unsolved until 2006, when DNA evidence on the little girl’s underwear was linked to black male (long time sexual predator),

Shelton Mitchell, 43.

In 2003 the prosecutor, having an admission by Mitchell of a sexual assault (rape) of the white child, but not a confession of murdering her, felt it was unlikely he could  prove beyond a doubt that the black male murdered the little white girl.  He was forced to accept a plea for having illegal sexual contact with a child (avoided the death penalty but, nevertheless, serving a life sentence).